Sunday, January 24, 2010

this ain't your momma's baby shower

(one of shannon's favorite colors is orange...such a cool mom-to-be)

this past weekend we celebrated the upcoming arrival of our friend shannon's new baby girl jane, and shannon was every bit the glowing mom-to-be. she's not really a "games" kind of girl, so we forewent the traditional baby shower games for something a little more up shan's alley since she has such a wickedly sharp sense of humor. our oh so talented friend kathryn found some vintage (and random) baby images on the interweb, printed them out on postcards and asked guests to write captions as well as words of advice for the new mom. rather than taking the cards with her, we're going to mail the cards to shannon over the coming weeks so that she'll remember the fun that we had at the baby shower.

("hey mom, can you come get me?")

Friday, January 22, 2010

mercury in retrograde?

sometimes i wish we weren't so dependent upon technology. or rather, me. sheesh. this morning the internet was out so i had to trek through the rain to the warmth of a nearby coffeehouse to get my work going. thankfully the internet is back up and running at home, but now the scanner won't scan. which is especially helpful when there are orders to be placed. is mercury in retrograde and no one told me?! oh well, at least it's friday. right?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

you must check this out

we at good press feel very lucky to live where we do. charlottesville is brimming with lots of the good, music, scenery, thomas jefferson. and art. of all kinds. while grabbing brunch at blue moon diner last week, i came across a poster for the american festivals project which is showing at the bridge pai over in belmont. long story short, two photographers (ross and andrew) trekked across the U.S. of A for over a year (specifics are fuzzy at the moment) photographing the smaller, lesser known festivals that Americans partake in. Water tasting championships or prison rodeo, anyone? The show is really something, and if you're in charlottesville i highly recommend checking it out.

(image borrowed from afp website)

Friday, January 15, 2010


continuing with our new year theme, we admit that we weren't very good at blogging in 2009. so in 2010, we resolve to blog. every. single. day. check back to see how we're doing.

in the meantime, happy weekend! and especially to all you 9-5ers who are going to be enjoying 3 days of weekend goodness.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

out with the old, in with the new!

whew, what a year 2009 was. despite our debut this past year, we at good press were ready to say bon voyage to 2009 and usher in 2010 just like everybody else. what better way to symbolize a new beginning and new adventure than with a wedding? good press' dear friends chloe and a.j. decided to tie the knot on new year's eve, and i can't recall having a better time, at either a wedding or on new year's eve. chloe and a.j. are those people who you really do feel lucky to know and that you want to be around because they're just such good people.

after saying their vows at the U.Va. Chapel surrounded by friends, family and more candles than you could count we headed out to to Veritas. the mood was festive, the champagne was flowing and the new year's hats were aplenty. after a night of cutting a rug to an amazing motown band, the bride and groom ran off into the night amongst a glow of sparklers, and we all started 2010 with the hope, happiness and good feelings we were missing in 2009.

here are some shots from the night:

the bride and groom share a dance.

so kathryn and i might have just broken a champagne glass in our excitement to congratulate the bride. of course everyone saw and it was captured on film. shooooot.

chloe and a.j.'s winter theme consisted of lots of pheasant feathers and winter greenery. gorgeous.