Wednesday, October 7, 2009

good for one steak dinner

a long-running joke between me and my graphic designer kathryn is that i always promise her steak dinners for all the favors she does for me. what foodie wouldn't want a steak dinner as an IOU??? well, in the past month the steak dinners have started to pile up, and there's no end in sight...

(does not represent actual number of steak dinners owed)

today, despite having a pile of work bigger than you can imagine, kathryn bumped me to the front of the line to work on good press' logo. here are the fruits of her labor (with my thoughts jotted in here and there).

i'm so excited to see what good press will become, both in terms of a logo and as a business. getting good press up and running has been a group effort. and throughout the past month or so, i've found myself saying over and over how lucky i am. lucky for the people who love and support me and have offered to help in any way possible whether it's being my first customers, hosting a trunk show for good press, giving me part-time work while i suss out the details, or vendors who will send me wares lickety-split because i have an early meeting the next day. the list goes on and on, and i am continuously humbled. thank you.