Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the eagle has landed.

here's a quick progression of the shop and how it went from a before to an after.

had an appointment in the space when there wasn't much there. my client was such a good sport.

trying to figure out the credit card terminal situation and other admin details.

my friend kathryn was enlisted to help me move a table to the new space. little did i know, she had other plans in mind. after picking up said table, we made a quick side trip to the greenwood country store (not the grocery). we came away with 4 chairs, two tables, a rug and a because sign.
me: "why do i need a because sign?"
kathryn: "because."
enough said.

three iced teas, two diet cokes and trip to blue mountain brewery for lunch later, we were ready to take our finds back to the shop albeit a little jittery and a lot over-caffeinated.

with the help of a master merchandising friend, good press went from a before to an after:


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  1. Hi, I ran my foreign language and culture center (Ecco Italy, now Speak!) out of your new space in the MSM for 4 years (with Milano) and absolutely loved it! I was attracted to your work via a post on fb and eventually realized why the photos of your new space looked so familiar!

    I look forward to visiting some day soon.